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Time to talk about the F word

On May 25th, we saw the partners of the world leaders all gather and pose for a photograph together which was a bit different to the norm. The Independent published this photo as it featured ‘Luxembourg’s openly gay first husband’.

The photograph featured the partners of the world leaders and we were shocked to find that they were all female, apart from the partner of Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s prime minister.

A thought came into our head, what about the partners of the women in power? Why are the partners glamorised in such a weird way? Is it actually a big deal or not?

We want to hear from you, has feminism made us constantly see the world in a gendered way? Has it opened our eyes to see the world differently, acknowledging and appreciating people regardless of sex and gender?

Take our Feminism survey, we want to know if there is a stigma surrounding the issue of feminism and whether or not people agree with the way it is presented. It is all anonymous so answer as honestly as you can.