Frida has been elected as Sussex’s new SU president

The other elected positions have also been announced

After a week of campaigning, Frida Gustafsson has been nominated by Sussex students to be the new Students’ Union president.

The new president will be the main figurehead of the Students’ Union. The president will also be the main line of communication within the union and with Sussex students.

Frida won with a huge margin with 1033, beating 2nd runner up ex-president Annie Pickering who received 618 votes.

For two years in a row, the full-time elected officer positions will be taken by females.

There was also a big decrease this year in the number of candidates who put themselves forward for president with only five candidates this year compared to eleven in 2016.

The result was announced today in Mandela hall at around 6-7pm. Along with the announcement of who will be taking the presidential role, the winners of the other elected officer positions were revealed. The full list of which can be found below.

The turnout however has been the lowest it has been within the past few years with only 3034 (according to the SU website) students voting. Last year, just 3601 voters turned out. 17.1 per cent of the eligible turnout voted in this years elections.

The SU did not hold back on its advertising of the elections. ‘Voting’ uniforms in union outlets, signs and banners, free food handouts, and even adopting a dinosaur outfit were some of the methods the SU used to encourage students to vote.

Union media URF, UniTV, and The Badger all played a part in providing coverage for the elections. UniTV held their popular ‘Candidate Question Time’ show in which URF provided commentary for. Adverts printed in The Badger also publicised the student elections.

Lucy Williams being told she had won activities

Speaking to the new president and asking what her thoughts were and if she was surprised by the result she said:

“I dare not guess in any direction, I prepared to lose just because it would be the easiest way out. This has been such an amazing week, I was so proud of everyone. No matter what happened I was so proud of all of us getting through it. I guess now is to get pissed”

Speaking to Lucy Williams, the newly elected activities officer winning with 926 votes beating Jamie Dorman who had 913, she said:

“Firstly, I’m so shocked but so overwhelmed. I just want to thank the Sussex Student Union, those who voted, even if you didn’t vote for me, thank you for you participation.

“Thank you so much I just want to thank all the other candidates who also ran for activities”

Grainne Gahan is the only full time officer who has been re-elected for a second year.

Your new full-time elected officers

Five positions were not filled due to there being ‘no approved candidates’ according to the SU’s website. They are:

Part-time Students’ Representative

Student Parents’ Representative

NUS Womens’ Conference delegate – other liberation group’s place

NUS LGBT Conference delegate – black student’s place

NUS LGBT Conference delegate – trans student’s place

The elected officers can be found below:

LGBTQ+ Students Officer – Chris Lewis

Ethnic Minority Students Officer – Simin Wadiwala

Women Student Officer – Liz Gladden

Postgraduate Education Officer – Sarah Macintosh

Undergraduate Education Officer – Lulah Brady

Students with Disabilities Officer – Fi Halfacre

Society & Citizenship Officer – Aisling Murray

Welfare Officer – Grainne Gahan

Activities Officer – Lucy Williams

President – Frida Gustafsson