We’re looking for new members to fill our exciting positions and we want you

Come join the 30+ Sussex team with the chance to be read by thousands

The Tab Sussex is growing at an incredible rate, and with a growing team there are new positions available for those who are interested in showing off their talents.

You may have seen a few of our original photos and videos posted on our Facebook page but we want to up the ante. We want content producers dedicated to simply creating one thing: Gold.

We want FASHION EDITORS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, AND FILMMAKERS to join the team and take over their own department to create content for our thousands of readers. Our last video was viewed over 40,000 times and creating content is a great way to create a portfolio if it is a career path you are wishing to break into.

Fashion editors:

You will be in charge of your own team and recruitment covering everything from the best dressed students to the coolest clothes available in Sussex right now. You can model, or choose your own models, to create a fashion portfolio. The perks of being part of The Tab Sussex are endless, but getting passes to events and opportunities to enter career roles exclusively for Tab writers are two of the things that pop to mind. If you are considering a career in fashion then this role is for you

Video editors:

Are you a keen film maker and want a platform to show off your ideas? We gotchu, don’t worry. You will be shooting and editing videos for our Facebook page which has the potential to be shared nationally. Tab teams across the country have regular series that bring in thousands of viewers, anything from interviewing drunk people to shooting news we want it.

Photo editors:

Pictures paint a thousand words which is why they are extremely important for writers. A complete story can be told with one photo and so if you are a talented photographer and want to share your pictures with Sussex then join the team. We are also happy to accept people who are keen to create funny images such as memes and staged photos to be shared on the page. The photos we share get anything from 50-200 likes on Facebook with around 3000 views each.

Think that this sounds appealing? Fill out our form with your details and tell us why you think you would be best for one of these roles.