William is Sussex’s most eligible bachelor

Thank you for all those taking part

After a week of scrupulous peer-review, culminating in a final showdown of open voting, the winner of our most eligible bachelor has now been revealed.

Congratulations to William Turner!

You now have a mint accolade to add to your CV, should you be looking for a job in club promoting or events…

As this was published, William scored an impressive 170 votes beating Joel who had 115. William expressed a desire to look for ‘the beer to my pong’ in his profile and by winning our highly respected and tasteful competition I’m sure you’ll be drowning in beer pretty soon.

William also expressed that a chicken burger would be the place he would take someone on a date. I recommend Falmer Bar Will, it’s classy without being pricey.

When asked how he felt about winning, William replied:

“Yah it’s pretty cool, got a lot more votes than I expected”

We then asked what he would do with his new found fame:

“Not sure tbh”

Beautifully articulated and executed William, why say it with words when we can already tell you are overcome with joy. Thank you for all of those who took part and keep your eyes out for bachelorettes.