EXCLUSIVE: You can submit questions for the on-campus Co-op via our form

Fill out our form and your question may be answered by those who help run the Sussex University Co-op

Speaking to the Students’ Union, they have kindly agreed to allow us to take questions from those who use the Sussex Co-op and send them through to management and Student Union officers to answer. Answers will then be collected to be released as a FAQ that will be published here on The Tab Sussex.

The FAQ will be full of all the typical questions regarding the Co-op including some reviews/suggestions for how the Co-op could improve. Due to the large amount of questions that we expect to be submitted, we suggest that you think outside the box with your questions and try to avoid stuff that could already be answered. We imagine that queuing, ID, and a few other will definitely pop up.

This is a great chance to hear the Co-op’s side of thing straight from those who help look after it and it is also a good chance to send feedback to them to improve the shop for you.  Questions will be submitted anonymously so don’t worry.

To submit your question, follow this form here.