Hundreds descend on Brighton Town Hall to protest against Trump

The huge turnout rallied in Bartholomew Square with guest speakers

Brightonians from all walks of life came together as part of a Anti-Trump protest to denounce president Donald Trump and to criticise Theresa May for doing little to combat his “Muslim Ban”.

Many of those who attended quickly came together to create signs showing their anger at both Trump and May.

One organiser by the name of Julia told us:

“I would like people to realise they are making a difference and that they shouldn’t feel powerless. We need to stand up to hatred and fascism and Theresa May cannot speak on behalf of all British people. We’re hoping the protest and the speakers will encourage people to speak up and stand up”

Speaking to one protester called Anthony, he said that:

“This event is all about unity. Its good to see that some people are passionate that they can come out for a few hours and get their voices heard, and with this many people it certainly is being heard.”

With over one million people signing a petition calling for Donald Trump’s visit to the UK to be cancelled, people all across the country have organised Anti-Trump protests such as in Belfast, London, and Huddersfield.

Many of the protests are against Trump’s recent executive order which has suspended the refugee system in the US which accepted over 12,000 Syrian refugees in 2016.

Theresa May has also been under fire with accusations that she has allied herself with Donald Trump, has refused to speak up against the ban, and has ‘betrayed her own people’.