Students tell us their revenge plans for annoying flatmates

Some ideas for the next time Dylan doesn’t do his washing up for a week

Inter-flatmate-warfare can be a terrible issue. Everyone has that one person who does that one thing that you really can’t stand. I wanted to find out just how petty students would be prepared to get in order to get revenge on their flatmates.

And, oh boy, they did not disappoint.

“We piled every item of their dirty plates, cutlery etc by their door, and it was quite the pile”

This would definitely appear to be an efficient method for subtly pointing out that they need to do their washing up. Hopefully they got the message.

Every. Single. Day.

“I mixed their juice with water”

Watered down juice is one of the foulest liquids to ever be consumed by man. I have to wonder what on earth your flat-mate did in order to receive such torture.

That’ll teach her for being noisy when she came back from the club

“I poured egg inside their radiator so when it heated up their room stank of rotten egg”

This is pure evil, and should only be saved for the very worst of offences.

Where’s that funny smell coming from?

“I threw away their shampoo”

Surely this punishment will backfire when you’ve got a flatmate with horrible greasy hair sitting on your sofa? …

It was ‘worth it’.

“I dipped my flatmate’s toothbrush in the toilet”

What on earth did they do to deserve that? …

This will make them brush up their act

“I hid their cheese grater in an unused cupboard”

The frustration, anger and grief at being unable to find one’s kitchen utensils is paralleled by none. To forcefully put your flatmate into the situation where they can’t put cheese on their spag bol is brutal. What if they just borrowed yours instead, though?

“I did a shit in the kettle”

Wait, what?