Main road in Stirling brought to a standstill by highland cows

Could it be anymore Scottish?

Yesterday, commuters travelling to Stirling had their journey interrupted by an unexpected obstacle on the motorway, a highland coo.

At around 3pm on Monday some highland cows escaped the field they were being kept in and ran onto the M9 with people being advised to drive carefully along the road, but people on the road told how traffic had been brought to a standstill.

Police were quickly on the scene to try and get the traffic moo-ving again, the service must not have realised the severity of the incident, tweeting that the cows were on the hard shoulder of the busy road.


The public called bull on that story with one person on Twitter telling how the cows were running up the outside lane of the motorway, another tweeted a picture of one cow caught grazing in the middle of the road, which really showed how the cows would be milking time from the days of the road users caught in the jam.

Drivers stuck in the udder chaos started to become impatient with many having beef with the progress being made to have the road safe to drive on again with many telling how they had been waiting for over thirty minutes.

Eventually, the cows were cleared off the road and traffic was moving normally with no cows harmed in the process, leaving the farmer with the task of beefing up the surroundings of his farm.