Research shows how to become Game of Thrones’ ‘The Mountain’

Now you can conquer all of Westeros, Essos and Sothoryos

Health and fitness scientists at Stirling University have researched the 12,000 calorie diet of Hafþor Julius Björnsson who plays Game of Thrones’ character The Mountain.

The research carried out by Dr Lee Hamilton and Dr Oliver Witard was inspired by an Instagram post by Björnsson showing an average meal he would consume to maintain his 6ft 9in and 180kg stature.

Findings from the research provides five ways that a normal person can undertake a similar diet, which is five times the requirement of a normal person

Mountain edited


The research concluded that if you want to be able crush people’s skulls with their bare hands then they must firstly finding alternatives to commonly used supplements, which are used to heal sore muscles, because there are better alternatives, even something as simple as a glass of milk

Research continues by recommended, unsurprisingly, that a copious amount of protein is needed in a diet to replicate The Mountain’s.

The Mountain should consume around 70g of protein per meal which could include 150g of beef in an evening meal. Sufficient muscle growth in mere mortals will be stimulated by a quantity a lot smaller.

Mountain Diet

This protein must spread across the day so downing a glass of raw eggs is not the way forward and it’s also bogging.

The Mountain’s midnight snacks of protein supplements is unnecessary and a beauty sleep need not be sacrificed as normal people are able to consume the recommended calorie intake during the day. Get to bed!

Finally, everyone’s best friend fat is also essential in The Mountain’s diet, but most are healthy fats. So remember and tell yourself that a bargain bucket is full of healthy fats.