Dusk ranked as 13th worst club in the UK

Wait. Where was Fubar?

The Tab ran a national poll to find out which club was the worst in the UK and Dusk came in at 13th.

The poll asked thousands of readers to rank several nightclubs in order and the memories from Dusk was enough for people to rank it highly on the list.

It leaves us here in Stirling asking one question however, where was Fubar? With its inflatable palm trees, dizzying purple and spiral staircase we’re sure it would’ve ranked higher.

It wasn’t all bad news for Dusk however as it narrowly missed out on being the worst club in Scotland, with the clubs of Aberdeen taking a clean sweep of that, with Institute being ranked as the worst, closely followed a few places behind by Underground.

Dusk was rated a being worse than other clubs such as Kuda in York, Glam in Cardiff and Sugarhouse in Lancaster.