Kittys & Kandy has confirmed Honey G appearance

… on the night of the X Factor final

Honey G is in high demand at the moment with performances with Snoop Dogg in the pipeline, but it looks like this will have to be put on hold because she has a more important gig to attend.

Kitty’s, a nightclub infamous for its Z-list celebrity appearances, with visits from the likes of Scotty T and Katie Price, posted on their Facebook that Honey G would be appearing at the club in Kirkcaldy on December 10th.

However, many called out the club on this by pointing out that the X Factor is on that same date and so she couldn’t possibly turn up unless she was booted out of the show. To be honest who would want her kicked out of the show before the final?

The confirmed appearance has led some to accuse the X Factor of being a fix, not for the first time this year.

Kitty’s has since deleted the post and later stated that she is secured for that date and if she is not eliminated from the process by then, another date will be arranged.