Apparently, Lady Gaga wants to move to Stirling

She knows class when she sees it

In a recent interview Lady Gaga seems to be joining millions of other Americans and wants to move out of the States and has revealed that if she were to move to anywhere in the world, it would be to Stirling.

According to the Daily Record, Stirling seems to have captured Gaga’s heart after revealing “I know it sounds kind of crazy but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

“I’ve visited Stirling a few times over the years and the people there have always been the nicest people I think I’ve ever met and most of them had no idea who I was which is kind of a great sometimes, to be honest.

“No place is perfect but Stirling just feels like home to me and it’ll be a nice change to what I’m used to.”


Suspiciously, however there is no evidence as to where the Daily Record got these quotes from.

If Gaga was to ever move to Stirling, we can’t wait for her guest appearance in Fubar or for an inevitable afternoon spent with Judy Murray.