World Buckfast Day is going to take place on Saturday

It deserves to be a Bank Holiday

Scotland’s favourite wine has now been officially given a day of celebration across the world with the first ever World Buckfast Day being held this Saturday.

A lot of people bill it as the reason for anti-social behaviour in Scotland, but that didn’t stop us celebrating it last year in the UK with the first ever National Buckfast Day. Now organisers have gone one step further and the world is now ready to celebrate like they’re on a big Scottish night out.

Scottish holidaymakers will know that the monk produced tonic wine is available in most resorts such as Ibiza and Tenerife, but the rest of the globe has now been learning how Buckfast gets you fucked fast with the drink being made popular as far as Australia and New Zealand.

The day has its own Facebook page, created by the same people who made the ‘Wreck the Hoose Juice’, which tells that anyone can join in on the day.

They’re even suggesting cocktails for the more refined Buckfast drinker. There’s the Manhattan (Whisky, Buckfast and orange bitters) or the Pink Milk Punch (Buckfast, cream, milk and strawberry liquor).

Maybe we should just stick to the Bucky bombs.

Buckfast gets the party started

Saturday’s celebrations are not set to be a one-off event with the organisers stating that World Buckfast Day will be held every second Saturday of the month of May, rather disappointingly not just every second Saturday.

Drinkers of Buckfast will know that meticulous planning will have to go into the day with drinkers needing to source the right ‘number’, with the apparent assumption that the lower the number the better the wine. However, some dispute this as just the bottle moulding.

With this day being established the question is, what will be next? I’m betting MD 20/20 claiming a Monday spot in March for March Mad Dog Mondays.