Furious Geddes residents launch petition for rent refund

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campus Geddes halls Murray rent residences stirling university students

Fuming Geddes residents have started a petition on change.org demanding a refund on rent from 23rd March. 

The petition, which has 182 signatures so far, was started after construction work was deemed to be “hampering” student’s lives in Geddes Court.

Always looking down on you

The Tab caught up with the student behind the petition, who wishes to remain anonymous. They said: “I kind of just got a wee bit fed up with the noise outside.

“Last time I complained to accommodation services I was told to just move to Willow Court, but I’m from a council estate and I can’t afford to live in Willow Court so why should I move?

“I know the nature of this redevelopment is money money money, so I can’t say that anybody’s getting rent back. But I kind of want a little bit more respect.”

Student’s have been had to put up with the sound of chainsaws at 8am being used to cut down surrounding trees

Geddes resident and Politics student Duncan said: “There’s an element of a class issue coming into this, people in Geddes Court are deemed to be working class and not worthy of a place at the university whereas those in Beech and Willow are because they have the ability to pay.”

When asked whether he thinks the construction poses a health risk to students, fresher Duncan responded: “Yes, especially with the makeshift ramp, I could have done a better one when I was five years old.”

Genius parking…

You can find the petition on change.org here. The university is yet to comment.