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Fresh off the plane from Paris

Murray Hall: Forever in our hearts

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There’s nothing quite like it…

Union welcomes gender neutral toilets

‘It’s about letting everyone pee peacefully’

LGBT society walks out on bumbling Union

‘It feels like one rule for us, and another rule for everyone else’

Embarrassing turnout for ‘out of touch’ Union

‘The union is terrible at communicating with students about why both they and the elections matter’

Stirling uni app ‘as useful as a bout of chlamydia’

Stirling unveil their second attempt at entering the 21st century

Mother of killed fresher wants inquiry into his death

David’s body was discovered after a night out in Dusk

Independence campaign still making noise in Stirling

Let it go

Mystery girl spotted living in library

Concerned witnesses worry she’s homeless

The Freshers Fashion Guide

‘If you are not trying to get the attention of that fit boy in your halls, wear a snorkel, not exactly ‘Haute Couture’ but a total lifesaver if you want to survive a fairy liquid based hell’

Freshers week: How much will it cost?

Ready for Freshers? Well hit up mum and dad for a few extra quid, because this week won’t be cheap.

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Dario talks childhood, HMV bags filled with potatoes and Lou Reed being a dick.

An emotional Andy Murray accepts the freedom of Stirling

“It feels good to be home”