This is your personality based on what Southampton halls you live in

Serving you all the stereotypes of students based on where you lived in first year.

Where someone chooses to live can tell you a lot about a person. From location to catering, its no coincidence you find yourselves morphing into your flatmates. Get ready for swooping generalisations, here’s what your accommodation says about you.

Wessex Lane

A mix of catered and fend-for-yourself, Wessex Lane halls might seem like it would entice lots of different personalities. But the bleak Montefiore blocks and Connaught common rooms are pretty dull.

However, if you take a wrong turn you’ll end up in sleepy Swaythling’s Fleming Arms, the closest studenty pub off-campus. Strong recommendation is to sneak journey juice on the bus and you’re laughing, until it’s time to spend your student finance on a cab back.

So, your student life probably isn’t centred around alcohol. Quiet and arty, you’ve explored the picturesque duck ponds within walking distance from your rooms and, let’s be honest, awful kitchens. Your numerous run ins with maintenance have dropped you in the deep end, but thickened your skin for second and third year housing mares with useless landlords.

Its not all dire though, you probably have more of a personality living in one of Southampton’s two halls with music facilities, and a gym. Maybe you’re more of a home-bird, closer to Swaythling and Airport Parkway station. And you’re definitely less self-obsessed than if you lived in Glen Eyre.

Glen Eyre

So you think you’re all that, getting your first choice of halls. You’re probably fairly lively, but being the closest to Highfield you’re not totally disillusioned with your degree yet. Although you’re literally five minutes away, you still complain about the Glen Eyre Road “hill”. Get a grip.

If you’re down to earth enough to live in J block with shared bathrooms, you pay the price of privacy for an upbeat social life, a bargain few are judging you for. Although much closer to campus, you’re still pretty far from all the best clubs so prefer tagging along to Portswood pub crawls with your wannabe social sec flatmates.

You’re gregarious and were probably pretty likeable in school, but it’s a shame half of your flat are rugby lads. Although you might have too much money to know what’s good for you, Chamberlain residents do throw good pres.

Archers Road

Living between Portswood and the city centre, we all know your priorities lie just a short walk from any pub or bar. You’re total sesh gremlins, where just the thought of uni work makes you sick, or maybe that’s the hangover.

One of the cheaper accommodation options and self-catered, you’re probably fairly independent and easy-going. Outside the campus bubble but not quite a city-dweller has you thinking you’re edgy, but remember, doing drugs isn’t a personality trait.


In the heart of the city centre, you probably don’t care that much about being late to your lectures. You probably overslept because you were hungover from Switch.

Although inconvenient to get to campus, you love the hustle and bustle of the city, with West Quay around the corner to fulfil your shopping dreams or provide retail therapy. With big kitchens, you’re probably an accommodating person, offering to do pres and have your mates stumble in with you at 3am rather than go back to their faraway halls. What pity you feel for them.

You probably came to university for much more than the degree and love living independently. But you might need a bit more than your business degree to fulfil your fantasy about your London apartment. Don’t get too big for your boots, you might need them if, god forbid, the lift breaks. Good luck up those 8 flights.

Highfield Halls

You’re probably a humanities student as you live right next to Avenue campus and Southampton common. You love the outdoors and traditional style accommodation, much more low-key then some of the other big, more social halls. A way away from the city centre, you probably make use of your common room which is good enough for you even though you’re the only people who know it exists.

A flat without a kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t pre you say! Yeah, but it means you socialise in a hallway I guess? But when the most riveting thing that happened is a pool tournament, who can blame you. What Highfield lacks in social areas, it makes up for in full-English breakfasts.

City Gateway

City Gateway, right in the hot spot that is what, Swaythling? But, as a post-grad, you probably don’t care that the most exciting thing within walking distance of your studio flat is a McDonalds. You’ve grown tiresome of the frantic first years and Portswood teeming with twenty-one year olds, maybe even bitter. Plus, you’re right next to the station, so easy escape.

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