Quiz: Pick your Zoom lecture look and we’ll tell you what grade you’ll end up with

Hopefully you’ll virtually impress your course crush!

This new breed of lectures on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard Collaborate or whatever the hell your university uses have brought the catwalk to our bedrooms. Gone are the days of pretending you need the toilet just to walk down the aisle of the lecture hall like its Milan Fashion Week just to flex the fit.

Some have made their new study spaces into their own personal fashion show, using ring lights and external webcams to ensure they’re always looking their best. Some have opted for comfort over coolness, because if you’re paying £9,25o a year for basically YouTube lessons, you should at least be comfy. And some have turned into essentially a hermit – why put on nice clothes if you can just switch off your webcam?

Fashion psychologists have said you can tell a lot by the way someone dresses, as it sends non-verbal cues. People can tell how much influence you have, how much power, how much you earn, and how clever you are, all from how you dress. So as a writer at The Tab I’m “extremely qualified” to tell you what grade you’ll end up with, according to your Zoom lecture look:

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