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These Soton students are making sustainable beer from leftover bread

Let’s get that bread has a whole new meaning

A group of students at Southampton have set up a sustainable business which brews beer made from leftover bread.

They formed the business in under a year, with the aim of battling food waste. Almost 900,000 tonnes of bread is going to waste every year, that's enough food to feed 26 million people. It's safe to say they wanted to act on this.

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They created a juicy pale ale and appropriately called it 'The Stag'

It goes by the name, 'The Stag', and is a juicy pale ale that is surely worthy of us Soton students.

The beer is made from surplus bread that's sourced from local bakeries and supermarkets around Southampton.

It's full of fruity citrus aromas, medium bodied with a slight bready finish (funny that).

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They employ other students and the homeless

The team of Soton students employ a range of individuals varying from students to homeless people looking to rejoin the workforce.

In an effort to tackle climate change, the leftovers from the brewing process are provided to local farmers as animal food, which means there's zero waste that would otherwise break down in landfill, and emit greenhouse gases.

But beer is only part of what they do. They also help out Southampton's community by working with shops like October Books, as of next week they will be providing them with the surplus food to sell to the public at a cheaper price.

Fancy a pint? Students can taste test this new beer from Thursday

'The Stag' will be launched on Thursday 30th January in Stags.

At last, we can get drunk AND feel good about ourselves.

You can follow the students responsible for this boozy creation on Instagram to have a look at what they do.