There’s a report of anti-social behaviour more than once a day in Portswood

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New information from Hampshire police shows that in the University area, there were 521 reports of anti-social behaviour in 2015.

Portswood 17.10.2014 1

Unsurprisingly, Portswood fared much worse than Highfield and Avenue, with the former reporting 345 ASB incidents in 2015, nearly one a day. In contrast, Highfield and Avenue combined reported just 176.

Curbing anti-social behaviour has been the priority of Portswood police since at least July 2015, although these new figures show that there was actually a rise in these incidents from 500 in 2014.

This figure shows an increasing disparity between Portswood and the other ‘Uni of’ areas, as ASB reports here jumped by 18.5%, whereas reports fell by 15.75% in Highfield and Avenue.

Anti-social behaviour covers many different activities, from loud shouting at night to drinking on the street. How many of these counts were student related is not clear, although many of the reports focused on Portswood Road and areas associated with Southampton Uni.

The end of 2015 saw police focus on ASB around Wessex Lane Halls, and they’ve recently shifted their focus back to Portswood high street