This is what it’s like to go to Bongo’s Bingo in Sheffield

Thinking of going to Bongo’s Bingo? Do it

If you’ve ever been to Bongo’s Bingo before, you’re probably thinking, “How is she going to sum up a night like that?” Yeah, me too.

Walking through those academy doors at 7pm; the view is a sea of punters ready to get messy, there is a sense of carnage in the air and the smell is pure VKs. Love it.

Between 7pm and 8pm more fuel is added to the fire, and by that I mean the tunes come on and the crowd starts rising to the benches. Every sing along classic you could imagine to get the crowd further fired up.

As the clock strikes eight, it’s time to party. “I Predict A Riot” fills the speakers and our host for the evening joins the stage alongside two lively assistants, one in leopard print, the other in pink.

Around 8.15pm the first game of bingo begins.

To give you a glimpse of how the bingo works, the host read out the number 25 and said “Stick a nine in between that” then 9 To 5 was blared out of the speakers.

On entry everyone gets a red felt tip pen and a book with five games of bingo inside. This follows the usual format – line, two lines and full house.

However, as the game goes on the prizes become increasingly weirder, and weirder. A life size cut out of Bradley Walsh? Check. Two boxes of Coco Pops? Check.

These Coco Pops were definitely not enjoyed the following morning though. Nope, in true Bongo’s style the host asked one of his glamorous assistants – Dirty Diana – to bring these prizes out to the winner and asked the fateful questions “Are you gonna make it rain?”

And seconds later the vast majority of the audience were covered in Coco Pops.

The benches could be sturdier with drinks being knocked left right and centre, but apart from that Bongo’s Bingo is a great evening.

For students going, there’s opportunities throughout the night to win cash prizes. A full house on the last bingo card could earn you £1000 which isn’t too bad for tickets starting at £13.

Overall a banging night full of chaotic entertainment.

To learn more about Bongos Bingo please visit their website.

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