This is what it’s like to live in an all-girl student house

‘There is always a shoulder to cry on, a cup of tea to cure the blues and plenty of laughter’

The best parts about your university experience include the friends that you make and the people that you live with. Many decide to move into a house with all girls and for some, it’s the best decision they will ever make. However, whilst you are busy planning the colour scheme for you perfect living room, you’ll soon be able to relate to the “not-so-perfect” parts of an all girls house. Here are five stereotypical things that you should prepare for:

1) Hygiene

Anyone who has lived with boys will know that they’re not always the cleanest. However, that’s not to say an all-girls house is tidier – some may say it can actually be worse! Don’t be surprised to find last night’s clothes scattered through the house or your flat mate unclogging hair from the shower drain again. Furthermore, creating a washing up routine can be crucial – before the used pots and pans start forming their own skyline.

2) Decorations galore

Another necessity in an all girls house, is girly decorations. You probably won’t be able to move for the cushions, blankets, fairy lights and candles. Whilst they personalise your house, don’t be surprised if it becomes potentially hazardous! Just wait until someone forgets to blow out the candles and your living room is bursting with the scent of Midnight Jasmine. We all think decorations make our girly palace special, when let’s face it, every house is decorated almost exactly the same.

3) One giant fashion show

Don’t be surprised if your home becomes one big communal wardrobe. Some days can be more like London Fashion Week, with clothes being passed around so that everyone gets a chance to wear that outfit. Whilst you and the girl group get ready to hit the club, you have to ensure that everyone feels insta-worthy for when the pics are taken. Sharing really is caring and that couldn’t be more accurate when living in a house of girls. However, make sure not to spill red wine down your bestie’s favourite dress – or you will never live it down.

4) The never-ending cycle of laundry

Speaking of clothes, living with girls means that the house will feel a bit like a laundrette. After finding that the washing machine is inevitably full, girls love to conduct a house-wide survey to find out who’s using it and how long the queue is. If you’re desperate to get your washing done, you may have to sneak a wash in the middle of the night. If not, be prepared for it to take several working days before you successfully grab a daytime slot.

5) Daily heart to hearts and pep talks

This is undoubtedly the best thing about living in an all-girls house. University life can be hard, especially trying to schedule work and socialising along side. However, if you ever need someone to put a smile on your face, all you need to do is have chat with the girls – it’s a cure that works every time. There is always a shoulder to cry on, a cup of tea to cure the blues and plenty of laughter. Living with your besties means heart to hearts, plenty of friendly advice and a lifetime of lasting memories.

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