What kind of Sheffield student are you according to your star sign?

Whether it’s your study routine or the state of your university room, we’ve got you figured out

It seems as though we are all becoming more invested in our star signs, whether it be a tarot reading on your TikTok feed or your bestie reading the headlines from your daily horoscope. Your zodiac sign can be extremely telling about many things such as your characteristics, love life, finances and your future goals. But how does it relate to your student life whilst living in the steel city? 

This is what kind of student you are according to your zodiac sign:

Aries, March 21st – April 19th 

Photography credits: Joseph Clarke (Maida Mess Wednesdays)

This fire sign is a student who has goals and knows exactly how to achieve them. They are driven and motivated by the end product they are trying to achieve. Catch an Aries taking charge of a project and always pitching their unique ideas to the group. If you’re working with an Aries be sure not slack, as they won’t hold back when reminding you to step up.  

Taurus, April 20th – May 20th  

A taurus does everything with a sense of complete calm and style. Got a Monday lecture at 9am? A Taurus will be sure to arrive on time, fully rested and looking fab. This regal sign is usually a calm and collected student however do not steal their seat in lecture, because you’ll be the one relocating. If you need to rant about work being stressful or your fave jeans walking into your flat mate’s room again, you can always depend on this earth sign as a listening ear.  

Gemini, May 21st – June 20th  

Woah, slow down you Geminis! I’m guessing you have four essays to complete, three nights out to attend and a hockey match followed by brunch with the gang. This student is on a mission and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Their schedule is busy and chaotic however they will always find a way to make plans and live their best student life.  

Cancer, June 21st – July 22nd  

A Cancer is the kind of student that you want in your study group, as they will be the one to help and book a late night sesh at Collegiate Library. They are the kind of friend that you make on the first night of Freshers and they’re still there cheering you on at your Graduation. They hold you to a high standard of friendship, so don’t leave them on a night out or they will never let you live it down.  

Leo, July 23rd – August 22nd  

This fire sign is confident, ambitious and will always be sat at the front of the class with their hand in the air. A Leo’s notice board will be a collage of sticky notes and mind maps, which they spent hours creating to help them pass their upcoming exam. You also want a Leo on your night out, but keep an eye on them as you can guarantee that they will be up on stage with the live band.  

Virgo, August 23rd – September 22nd  

If it’s 4am and you are locked out of your room at Encliffe village, you better hope you have a Virgo in your phonebook. They are extremely practical and will always know what to do in a sticky situation. They are not afraid of hard work, even if that involves explaining the prep work to you for the tenth time. Their intelligence and creativity will ensure that they smash their degree, but don’t worry as they will make sure you are stood right there with them.  

Libra, September 23rd – October 22nd  

Libra, are you coming out tonight or what? I need an answer. Just like a pair of scales, Libra likes everything to be balanced and fair. They don’t mind paying for the Uber to West Street as long as you’re getting the one home. A Libra is a good conversationalist, so they won’t mind presenting the group presentation – which is always a bonus. However, don’t wait for them to decide on the project title, or you’ll end up missing the deadline.  

Scorpio, October 23rd – November 21st  

Scorpios are those friends who say they haven’t revised for the exam, then suspiciously go and get full marks. This water sign is a passionate student who holds their friends to an incredibly high standard, loyalty is everything to them. If you’re having a group debate about which club to end up in, you want your Scorpio pal on your side.  

Sagittarius, November 22nd – December 21st 

Photography credits: Joseph Clarke (Maida Mess Wednesdays)

You can guarantee that your Sagittarius friend knows all of the hidden gems in Sheffield and will always take you to a quirky place for some brunch. They are adventurous and will provide interesting topics of conversation, so you’ll want them at your house party to keep everyone entertained. Due to their eager nature, they will always submit an exciting piece of work however not necessarily on time, as they can be extremely disorganised.  

Capricorn, December 22nd – January 19th 

Come on now, nobody likes a teacher’s pet. You Capricorns are always busy making connections to get you exactly where you need to be, smart. Goal orientated and organised, you are a student who means business. Whilst you can easily spend hours in library, remember that if you work hard, you’re allowed to play hard too.  

Aquarius, January 20th – February 18th  

If you’re friends with an Aquarius, you better get your placard ready because sooner or later, you’re off to a protest. This student stands up for what they believe in and rightly so. If your university is slacking, they will be the first to let the faculty know. They are a self-reliant student who knows that to get where they want, it takes hard work and persistence.  

Pisces, February 19th – March 20th  

Guys, you do know your lecture started 20 minutes ago, don’t you? Even when you do turn up, your lecture is mostly spent daydreaming out the window. However, you are creative and clever which means you always pull through in the end. Pisces students always wish to ensure the happiness of those around them, so they can be a dream to have as a house mate.  

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