Drink Spiking: Here is what Sheffield clubs are doing to keep you safe

These are the new measures clubs and bars in Sheffield have introduced to make women feel safer on nights out

Following the surge in reports of drink spiking cases across the UK, it has left many students and young people fearful on nights out. Over recent weeks, we have seen success in tackling drink spiking by local protesters and campaigns, but students are still questioning safety in the clubs, pub and bars of Sheffield.

The Sheffield Tab looked into the measures clubs and pubs have implemented to tackle drink spiking in the city.

The Foundry, Sheffield University’s SU

The Foundry, Sheffield’s Student Union, have published both on the SU Instagram page and website the measures they are taking to tackle spiking. The venue now provide drink covers known as “Spikeys” as well as randomly testing unattended drinks. 

The SU have urged students to buy their own drinks instead of being bought them by strangers and strongly advise to not leave drinks unattended.

On the SU website, an article named “Safety during nights out”, advises students on what to do if they are spiked.

The Leadmill

A spokesperson from The Leadmill told The Sheffield Tab how they have increased their safety measures against drink spiking.

The venue, said: “The recent rise in cases of spiking across the UK & Sheffield is something that we’re both shocked and saddened to see happening.

“If at any point during the evening anybody feels unsafe in our venue they are encouraged to contact security right away.”

They have employed more staff to collect unattended and empty glasses, and are continuing to train their staff in dealing with issues like spiking. Clingfilm is also available from every bar in the venue to cover drinks with. 


Tank nightclub have always used metal detectors and security screens on entrance to the club. They now provide bottle toppers and covers for drinks and have increased security on club nights.  

West Street Live

On Instagram, West Street Live posted their proposals to stand against drink spiking in their venue. In the post, it said: “WSL always had an anti-drink spiking policy in place that is regularly reviewed and updated.”

They also have a high number of male and female security members on shift each night to watch over the venue.

Tiger Works 

Tiger Works shared a post on Instagram , which said: “We want everyone to feel safe within our venue and enjoy their night out without having to worry.”

They have ensured that all their staff are trained to handle spiking issues, and they have added extra CCTV cameras in the bar. The bar also provide bottle toppers and clingfilm to cover your drink with.

Molly Malones

Molly Malone’s pub have publicly supported the campaign, ClaimBackWestStreet to help make west Street a safer place for everyone on nights out.


Code have introduced an in-depth search system on entry into the club. All belongings are put in to a plastic tray. They are then inspected by security. Men are also patted down and asked to empty their pockets.

HallamNation, Crystal Bar

Three weeks ago, HallamNation supported the nationwide campaign ‘Night In’ and closed their venue to stand in solidarity against drink spiking.

On Instagram, the club night, said: “At Hallamnation, customer safety is our top priority and we are committed to ensuring that it’s a safe environment for everyone.

“We’ve put together these images to highlight the measures we have in place within our venue such as additional door supervisors and Spikeys bottle toppers available at the bar, and signs of spiking to look out for.”

Viper Rooms

On Instagram, Viper Rooms shared what their club is doing to stop drink spiking.

In a post, they said: “Spiking is not funny and it is not a game.”

On the post, they listed a number of safety measures they have put in place in their venue which include, drink covers and drug testing kits to use if someone thinks they may have been spiked.

Venues across Sheffield are taking the spiking epidemic very seriously and are helping to create a safer environment in the clubs, but we still have a long way to go to protect women.

For support and advice on spiking, please speak to staff at the venue or visit these websites for more information:

Sheffield University – Safety during nights out

Sheffield Hallam – Safety on nights out

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