Sheffield Hallam’s sweary billboard leaves locals ‘outraged’

Yes, really

A Sheffield resident has been left outraged by a billboard Hallam University has put up outside their city campus.

The sign shows a smiling male student wearing a D-Squared cap. In the corner of the cap, a curse word is displayed. Yeah, you might have to squint.

Spot the swear word

The man, identifying himself only as “outraged of Batemoor”, wrote to the Sheffield Star:

“I saw this on the signage walking up Arundel Gate, past the Howard pub, and I was outraged.

“What can only be described as a wholly inappropriate cap logo, for people of all ages to see, in one of the busiest gateways to Sheffield centre.”

The cap reads: “F**K ALL BUT THE FLAG”

Bafflingly, the man went on to link this cap logo to the recent protests against the new policing bill. He said: “It’s little wonder that Britain’s disaffected youth are violently protesting against the police, when one of our fine seats of learning is selling this idiotic propaganda.”

If anyone can show us the link between a cap with the word “f**k” on it and these demonstrations, please get in touch!

Sheffield Hallam University has been contacted for comment.

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