Meet the Sheffield student TikTokers going viral

And yes, more than one wants to collab with Ollie Ball

TikTok. Some love it, some hate it, but everyone knows you can’t avoid it. Gone are the days when it was a guilty pleasure and now, it’s nice to be scrolling through your FYP and suddenly think, “Hey, I recognise that!” Whether you’ve seen Crookes Valley Park or Eccy Road, SheffTok is on the rise. 

The Sheffield Tab has found some of the city’s biggest TikTok stars from both Hallam and Uni of, so keep reading to hear all about them.

1. @cai.sherlock, 19, Uni of, First Year Journalism Studies

Cai’s TikTok is a melting pot of relatable content, public pranks and just sheer randomness. He’s got the most followers on this list but admits, “You always find that the simple TikTok’s do the best and the ones you put the most effort in always flop”.

Followers: 174.7K

Likes: 13.1M

Most liked video: Him apologising for shaving the family cat to look like a dragon. The video currently has 1.4M likes and it’s not his cat or his image (see what he means about the simple ones doing the best?)

On the Creator fund?: Yes, TikTok is Cai’s only source of income so brand deals and the creator fund keep him afloat at uni. He’s recently come off the fund however just to see if it affects his views (but says he’ll rejoin soon).

Dream collab: @itsiconhouse or @jacobchuckorscranit (let’s pray for the account) 

2. @lowri14, 19, Uni of, First Year Psychology

Lowri is trendy in every sense of the word- she pairs popular sounds with videos of her makeup and hair routines or antics with her flat, all with a backdrop synonymous with Sheffield. Her account is full of throwback’s for Uni of student’s as her videos frequently feature Endcliffe, West Street and none other than the Circuit laundry room.

Followers: 49.2K

Likes: 1.3M

Most liked video: Although her makeup routines always do well, it’s actually a video featuring Lowri’s mum that got 95.7K likes.

On the Creator fund?: Yes, Lowri has made some money from it whilst also being offered brand deals through Instagram.

Dream collab: @oliviagraceherring

3. @ellie.crowshawww, 19, Hallam, First Year Criminology


Our first Hallam student on the list spends her time on TikTok dancing in her uni accom kitchen, discussing dating and most of all, lip syncing.

Followers: 28.2K

Likes: 294.2K

Most liked video: Ellie got 26.3K likes for lip syncing to a Tay K remix of ‘The race’ after using the sound for months on end!

On the Creator fund?: She was on the fund but found her views and likes went down drastically so she left. “I didn’t do it for the money… I earned like 50p”.  Ellie has also received emails for brand deals.

Dream collab: “Has to be Ollie Ball” (@ollieball12)

 4. @madelinadams, 18, Hallam, First Year Tourism Management

Madelin clearly loves Fashion and shows this in her many TikToks where she buys clothes, shows them off and styles them. Her aesthetic account also consists of trendy lifestyle videos that show snippets of Sheff as well as lots of GRWM style content.  

Followers: 15K

Likes: 277.9K

Most liked video: A Shein haul from last year got 85.0K likes where Madelin displays all her new purchases.

On the Creator fund?: Yes she was on the fund for a few months but isn’t anymore because she also thinks it affected her views, “I made money but it was very little, I was getting 30p a day at most, sometimes as low as 2p”,

Dream collab: @asos or @bershka

5. @zindinb, 20, Hallam, First Year Law & Criminology

Zindin’s account is an amalgamation of student life. His videos show all aspects of life from how he packages orders for his small business to advice on travelling to Amsterdam on a budget. 

Followers: 13.6K 

Likes: 507.4K

Most liked video: A video you’ve probably seen on your FYP; his friend in the back of a taxi repeatedly stressing how much she, “needs some chicken nuggets”. The caption ‘a vibe and a half’ really sums up how relatable this is for a lot of students- no wonder it got 430.3K likes.

On the Creator fund?: He was on it for a short time but left because (yes you guessed it) he didn’t make much money from it.

Dream collab: @lanadelray (he admits it’s a longshot)

6. @emilyholdenn, 20, Hallam, First Year Festival & Entertainment Management

Emily would most likely take the crown for Sheffield’s Queen of transitions. A lot of her videos begin with a bare face and she returns with her finished makeup look and outfit (it’s the type of account where 50% of the comments are girls telling their BF’s to keep scrolling).

Followers: 11.4K

Likes: 745.6K

Most liked video: Emily got 293.7K likes for a video of someone snoring like some bizarre love child of a cow and a hoover.

On the Creator fund?: Yes, Emily is on the creator fund and intends to stay on it for the time being.

Dream collab: @olivianeill

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