Everything you need to know about next year if you’re at Sheffield uni

A handy guide

Current students at the uni of Sheff have already had just shy of five months without face-to-face uni learning, and as they return to their Sheffield homes many are still unsure as to how their experience will look.

Whether you are a returning student or just starting at the uni, we’ve made this handy break down for what Covid-19 means for the upcoming semester.


Teaching will be conducted in small groups with online assistance running alongside.

For those of you who are unable to make 9am lectures due to severe hangovers, you may well be in luck as large lectures are moving online.

Undergraduate courses will kick off from Monday 28 September. For the majority of postgraduate students, Monday 26 October is the date of note. The uni has said that this may vary depending on course.

Campus experience

Social distancing is mandatory and there will be one-way systems with sanitising stations.

It will be compulsory to wear a face covering in learning areas such as the library. Students will be given two reusable masks at the start of the semester.

Timetables are still being written as plans for teaching arrangements aim to reduce the amount of people on campus at the same time.


If you are moving into shared accommodation – whether that be a flat or a house – you and the people you live with are classed as one household.

You will be able to socialise indoors and stay overnight with one other household – but you must maintain social distancing.

International students who have already booked uni accommodation are being offered up to three weeks free accommodation if they are needing to self-isolate when they arrive in the city.

Student support

All support at the university will be online, until safe to open in person.

The university’s on-campus uni Health Service is available if you fall ill. New students can register during enrolment.

Students’ Union

Many of the university’s activities and services will be run online, including both Sports Fairs and Activities Fairs.

The Student Advice Centre will be open, meanwhile there are plans for other services, such as cafes, to reopen in line with Government guidelines.

For further info, visit https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/coronavirus/faqs/students.

Keep an eye on The University of Sheffield’s website for future updates.