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Monki forced to apologise after shopper outcry at plastic confetti in Sheffield opening party

One branded it ‘shocking’

A new Sheffield fashion store was forced to apologise on its first day open, after customers complained about their use of plastic confetti.

Monki was branded "shocking" for sprinkling the silver paper shards on the pavement to mark its arrival in the city centre.

Shoppers were queuing around the block for the opening party of the Swedish chain, which prides itself on "making fashion more sustainable".

But upon arriving at the 9 November event, several took to social media to vent anger at the presence of plastic.

Lily-Mae Szalay took a video of the confetti strewn across the pavement and lining the roads on Furnival Gate.

Szalay commented: "Great that brands are moving into the redevelopment areas in Sheffield city centre but @monkiworld was there really any need for your new store to litter the streets with plastic on your opening day? It's 2019, you know better so do better.

"Unfortunately I saw no signs of an attempt to clear it up and when I walked past again on my way home an hour later it had blown into the roads amd [sic] down the street."

Neil Meadows said "lets hope they show some respect to their new home and sweep it up", and tagged the local council to ask "who issues fines if they don't".

Susan Tavernor called it "absolutely shocking", while Kat Harbourne, a BBC Radio Sheffield presenter, called the party "disappointing".

The criticism forced Monki to issue an apology. The retailer responded on Twitter by saying: "We are very sorry about this incident. We are trying our best to remove all the confetti and have the area as clean as possible. We will ensure that a similar incident doesn’t happen again."

The Tab Sheffield has contacted Monki for comment.

Featured image by @LilyMae123