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It may be reading week, but Sheff be ready for Fry-up Friday No. 3 baby

Always here when you need it

Its that time of the week again where I tell you about breakfasts and stuff.

So, without further ado, let me tell you about Café Pie on South Road, Walkley. Now, admittedly its probably a bit further afield than most students dare to venture.

Tell me the locash?

It’s like the proper real world where once you’ve crossed the threshold past The Springvale you feel yourself bursting that student bubble and find yourself on the other side, where most people have jobs, pay taxes and only go out on weekends.

Like Dorothy in a strange land, you too should follow the yellow brick road (South Road then just opposite ASDA) to salvation and be weary of the reach of the wicked witch of Westminster.

What about the menu?

Café Pie stands out on the corner in orange and black and once inside it can be easy to mistake it for B&Q especially as the employees wear black under orange aprons. It boasts a moderately priced menu, £4 for regular, £5.50 for large and £8.50 the "ultimate" full English.

This "ultimate’"option had me salivating from all orifices. That is the sort of breakfast Ross Kemp gets charged up on before he goes and knocks about with some hard nuts. These are all available as veggie options by the way (sorry, Piers Morgan).

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Breakfast's ready

If you’ve opted for the regular or large breakfasts then you will need to buy hash browns and black pudding separately, and it breaks my heart to say the hot drinks are also sold separately like some ghastly Hot Wheels© set.

Service is good, quality isn’t bad, although my constant associate Mr. B doesn’t believe the salted pork to be particularly good.

It better be a greasy spoon?

Its greasy spoon quality grub but in a venue that’s a bit above the classic greasy spoon (although I just can’t help but feel we’ve stumbled upon a hidden aisle in B&Q). And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but now it is making me wonder if I, like Ahab, am searching for my white whale.

All in all?

So, in conclusion, is Café Pie worth the meagre trek to Walkley? Its an inoffensive breakfast at inoffensive prices, with plenty of other breakfast options besides the classic fry-up available.

But it didn’t blow my socks off, and while a trip up South Road which sports a range of cafes, pubs, boutique shops and establishments may expand your horizons, it may be worth waiting to make the trek after this bloody weather has blown over ey?

See you in two weeks x