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‘It’s just so Sheff’: Pensioner on mobility scooter hits floods and just bloody carries on

‘Not one solitary fuck’

Any Sheff student who has ever ventured away from their bed or West Street knows that the people of this city are *very unique*.

I expect that number is pretty low, so just to clarify: Sheffield is in the north, so the people here tend to be more hardy than us.

We've had it hard in the last few days with this, frankly, unacceptable weather. It's been a tad wet.

Amid the downpours on Thursday one pensioner was spotted on her mobility scooter making her way down a busy road in the Woodseats suburb, probably t'shops, as you do.

At the time Stephanie Jubb, 25, was at work gazing out the window at the giant, deep puddle on the road outside.

It soon became apparent that this elderly person was absolutely NOT stopping for the floods, so Stephanie decided to film what happened next. And it's gold.

She. Just. Carries. On.

Not something you see everyday at work Grace Cawthron ?? Samantha Jubb

Posted by Stephanie Jubb on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Stephanie and her workmates are heard gasping, crying with laughter and shouting "no!" in disbelief as the OAP ploughs on.

Stephanie told The Sheffield Tab: "I was just videoing to show head office the flood because it was getting close to our shop, then the woman drove past but I thought she would turn around, which she didn’t ?.

"It made my day seeing that because it didn’t bother her one bit. Sheffield people are tough like steel ?."

The clip has since gone viral since it – of course – made its way to Twitter, viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Sam Cuncliffe tweeted the video, saying: "When Bingo hall opens at 4:30 and a bit of drizzle isn’t stopping you."

Former Sheffield mayor Magid Magid added: "The fantastic people of Sheffield, made of tougher stuff than this!

"But in all serious, sending love to everyone effected [sic] – don't even need to say look out for each other – I already know you will!"

Another summed up the scene really: "Not one solitary fuck #sheffieldfloods."

Stephanie told The Sheffield Tab of her newfound fame: "I still can’t believe how many people have shared it, it’s amazing."