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Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Freshers’ edition

Start as you mean to go on

Returning in all its glory, Sheffield's clubbers of the week is back. Seven consecutive nights out, a £0 bank balance and maybe a few regrets later. It's clear that Sheffield went HARD last week.

We've rounded up the best of the bunch – thank us later. So without further ado, it's Sheffield's Clubbers of the Week: Freshers' edition.

Best drunk of the week

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Getting down with the kids, get it girl!


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Nobody: … vs Guy in the middle: Have I just pulled?

WTF of the week

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No comment.

Runner up

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And no more sambuca for you, my friend!

Most confused of the week

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when you run into someone from your seminar group on a night

Most PDA of the week – you decide…

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GET A ROOM (and no the photo-booth was not what I meant by this)

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When you run out of places to get it on

Bad Boybands of the week

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Quite possibly the worst album cover going

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They're no One Direction, that's for sure!

Creeper of the week

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It's like he's looking right at you

See yourself, or a friend? Drop us a comment. Until next time!

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