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Boxing, bars and beef: An interview with KSI & Randolph

KSI is playing in Sheffield tonight

Making FIFA videos, viral clips, and now music, Olajide William "JJ" Olatunji – aka KSI – has become one of the biggest internet celebrities of recent years, with millions of followers on all platforms.

We spoke to KSI and his partner in rhyme Randolph about their show in Sheffield tonight, KSI's feud with his brother Deji, and more.

First up, do you like to be called JJ or Mr KSI?

KSI: (laughs) Whatever you wanna call me.

Are you happy with the overall reaction to your new album?

Randolph: Yeah we’re really happy with how the album’s gone down, it’s gone down amazing. Loads of love for it.

KSI: Everyone’s been surprised with how well produced it is.

How’s the tour gone so far?

Randolph: Yeah, like mad. Like, being in the studio and just having a good time. It makes you feel good. Everyone’s there in the moment.

How are you feeling about performing in Sheffield?

Randolph: Yeah Sheffield’s sick man. I live in Nottingham my hometown, not too far from me, so I’ve been Sheffield quite a few time.

KSI: Yeah really looking to coming to Sheffield.

Have you got a big night out planned in Sheffield?

Randolph: Nah, not yet. We want to know where all the good places are. If anyone can help us, we wanna have a sick night.

KSI: I want all the girls, all the girls.

Who is your rap icon? And who do you see yourself being as big as?

Randolph: Probably KSI.

KSI: I don’t know, I look up to J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Skepta, Jme, everybody. But I want to be as big as I can be.

Randolph: Nah, personally KSI. I look at people my age and like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and I think KSI is that for me. A nice big rapper you know. (KSI laughs hysterically in background.)

Did you apply to unis? Which uni would you have gone to?

Randolph: You failed like the test.

KSI: Yeah I failed all my A-Levels, to the point where…

Randolph: I went to uni in London but it was more like a private course. And I don’t mean private as in posh, but…I wish I went to uni somewhere like in Sheffield. I just wanted to party.

Are there any plans for the Logan Paul rematch?

Randolph: I mean for me personally, I’m not looking to set that fight up,

KSI: Yeah I’ve got plans, that’s definitely happening. Hopefully that’ll be towards the end of the year, I don’t know, somewhere in America. Sort it out, three minutes, bish bash bosh, and KSI’s going to be victorious.

Obviously it’s been a really big weeks for all sorts of reasons. Have you got a message to people who are unsubscribing from you?

KSI: (laughs) Is this about my bro?

Is there anything you’d like to put on record about that?

KSI: (laughs) I’m gonna make a response. Once I’ll do my response that’ll end it.

What’s the future of KSI?

KSI: It’s just KSI, you know? Just whatever people want it to be really. More music, live shows. What’s the future of Randolph?

Randolph: I want to get back into YouTube, I want to start that back up, work with new artists and music. It’s my dream to do this.

Who’s the next YouTuber you’re wanting to fight?

KSI: Jake Paul. Definitely Jake Paul.

Finally what can people expect who are coming to the show in Sheffield?

Randolph: Energy.

KSI: Energy, man. We want you to be sweaty by the end of it, we want you to be exhausted.

Randolph: It’ll be the best night of your night. And with the response it’ll be one of the best nights of our lives. It’s good to see the fans enjoying the show as much as they are. So if you haven’t got tickets, go and get tickets quick.