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Jewish students in Sheffield condemn swastika graffiti found in student areas

‘The swastika is a symbol of pure hatred’

Jewish students in Sheffield have condemned swastika graffiti which has been found in student areas across the city.

The graffiti comes after similar incidents at universities in York and Kent, and antisemitism in Britain has doubled in recent years.

In a statement, Sheffield Jewish Society said: "We are disgusted by the discovery of swastikas graffitied in student areas of Sheffield.

"The swastika is a symbol of pure hatred. Nazism stood for the persecution of anyone deemed to be inferior, especially Jewish people, and the extermination of millions of us in concentration camps – still within living memory.

"When Jewish students see swastikas graffitied in their own cities, and on their own streets, it makes us feel unsafe and unwelcome in the place we call home.

"It's up to everyone to ensure that Nazis and their symbolism are never welcome in our society and that antisemitism, fascism and racism is fought wherever it rears its ugly head.

"If you witness an antisemitic incident, or discover antisemitic graffiti, please file a report with the police by calling 101, and inform the Community Security Trust by emailing [email protected], or in an emergency calling them on 0800 032 3263."