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It’s back! Tiger Works is bringing back the five pound round

Power to the people

As you may remember last week, we reported that Tiger Works had been forced to raise both the price of its five pound round to £6 and its famous trebles, causing distress and upset throughout the city.

Well, good news! The West Street bar told The Sheffield Tab they're bringing back the £5 round!

Tiger Works told The Sheffield Tab: "After working long and hard all summer behind the scenes getting our suppliers to work with us on pricing, we've managed it, so it's now viable for the Awesome Foursome to return back to its original price of £5! Along with this, the trebles will fall back to £2.75."

Wednesday socials are back to normality

It will still be £6 for the Awesome Foursome on Fridays and Saturdays, but will give the opportunity for students a chance to take up the offer early doors.

They also said The Sheffield Tab's article has only boosted publicity for the bar and that business has not been affected, so you can now get back to enjoying your five pound rounds Sunday to Thursday.

It's a massive victory for The Sheffield Tab as well as students and locals alike, so thank us later!

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