Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: The End of Summer?

Everybody make some noise for thunderstorms!

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You wake in the dead of night, a loud noise has disturbed your sleep. You go to the window to see where the sound has come from. You see a bunch of students outside stealing a traffic cone. You go back to bed.

But no! It's thunder that woke you up, thunder has come because the heatwave is over! Maybe! Maybe it'll carry on! Who knows! The planet is dying!

The heatwave may be over but that isn't stopping the people of Sheffield heading out, even though Code is hotter than the sun during winter let alone during summer, and I can't imagine what Corp smells like right now.

So here's a roundup of all the sweatiest, most summery, drunken photos of the week.

'Double Dating' of the week

'Look at my mate, look at him! He's drinking his drink with a straw! Get a photo of this mad lad' of the week

'Everything is fine' of the week

'Plandid' of the week

'When you're too fucked to go out so your mates just stick a pair of sunglasses on you to get you passed the bouncers' of the week

'Call me on my upside down phone' of the week

'Let's get a nice photo' of the week

'Photobomb' of the week