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The Lord Mayor of Sheffield is having a party this Friday and you’re all invited

Still in Sheffield? Get partying with Magid


Magid Magid, the new Lord Mayor of Sheffield, is having a celebratory party this Friday (15 June) and inviting the public.

The celebrations will be taking place from 9pm to 1am at the newly reopened Picture House Social venue.

More than 1,600 people have clicked going or interested on the Facebook event page for the party.

Writing on Facebook, he has said:

"Me becoming Lord Mayor is as much of a celebration about so many others including the wonderful city of Sheffield as it is about me.

"And that is something we should all celebrate and I would love it if you could all join me on Friday evening for a celebration/party!

"This is a public event so everyone is invited so please do bring friends!"

28-year-old Magid has gone viral early on in his time as Mayor, with thousands of people retweeting his inaugural portrait.

He has endorsed Sheffield Students' Union's new Take Racism Seriously campaign, filming a video in support of this.

A few days ago, Magid also brought in a scientist to perform magic tricks during a council meeting, easing the tension of a heated debate about Sheffield's trees.

So, If you're haven't gone home for summer, and want to celebrate the inauguration of a unique new figure on the political scene, you know where you should go this Friday night.