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Forge Media apologise after Guido Forge account misgenders student in tweet

They’ve also discontinued @GuidoForge

Forge Media has issued an apology for tweets made by @GuidoForge, a satirical university-related news account.

The account responded to a tweet about communism made by student George Bunn, saying "I wonder what book this guy hasn't read." Bunn responded that they do not identify as a man.

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Another student then challenged the account on its tweet, to which @GuidoForge responded that they were not addressing George directly.

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The account later pointed out that a further message, reading "game over man, game over!", was a quote from the film Aliens, but today it tweeted that Forge Media would no longer use the account.

The tweets have not been deleted, despite Forge Media issuing an apology on their website. Forge also announced that its members would undergo training on "LGBT+ issues" and "personal pronouns" in September.

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However, another account, @ForgeGuido has been set up today. In the first tweet sent, its creator describes Forge's decision to discontinue the original account as "wrong".

Forge have said that "any imitation accounts or those related to Guido Forge are not affiliated with Forge Media".