Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Club Tropicana special

Drinks are £1.20 with a VIP card

With exams finally over, the students of Sheffield have returned to their hedonistic habits. The grand return of Leadmill's 80s night Club Tropicana was a particularly popular offering, with hundreds gathering for a wham night of dangerous £2 doubles and gloriously cheesy classics.

Below are the finest photos from the night, put into arbitrary categories and given mildly amusing captions. Behold!

Sharp shirts of the week

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Album cover of the week

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"Playing Leadmill NEXT MONTH! Tickets running low"

Finest feline face paint

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Happiest clubbers

Image may contain: Water, Surfing, Surfboard, Sports, Sport, Sea Waves, Sea, Outdoors, Ocean, Nature, Leisure Activities, Camping, Night Life, Person, People, HumanImage may contain: Wood, Lumber, Person, People, Human

Aspiring casuals of the week

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TROPICANA AWAY as you were LG x

Most unimpressed third wheel

Image may contain: Club, Party, Night Life, Music, Leisure Activities, Person, People, Human

Best headgear

Image may contain: Party, Sphere, Ball, Person, People, Human

Hat's an impressive effort

Ooh thumbs up friends

Image may contain: Night Life, Party, Music, Leisure Activities, Person, People, Human

Most coordinated

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Most ready for Top Taste and bed

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