UPDATE: 20-year-old woman still in hospital after taking ecstasy

She fell ill on 7 June

A woman who was in a critical condition after taking ecstasy on a night out in Sheffield almost two weeks ago is still in hospital.

The woman, 20, was one of two women, believed to be on separate nights out, who fell ill in the Glossop Road area at around 5am on Wednesday 8 June after taking drugs.

It has now been confirmed that the woman had taken ecstasy.

The other woman, a 22-year-old, died after overdosing on MDMA. In light of the tragic events, Sheffield Students’ Union cancelled the last ROAR of the year and drug policy has come under renewed scrutiny.

Sheffield Students’ Union have said that they are taking steps to promote the importance of safety and knowledge of the dangers of drugs on nights out.

A man and woman, who are 23 and 20 respectively, were arrested by police on the day of the incidents on suspicion of supplying a controlled substance.

They have been released but remain under investigation. Police inquiries are ongoing as to both incidents.

Detective Sergeant Andy Shields has said: “I would encourage people to please be aware of the dangers, both legal and illegal drugs can pose, as they can have devastating effects not only on the individual, but on their family, friends and loved ones.”

If you have any potentially relevant information on either incident, call South Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 103 of June 7, 2017.