Let’s be honest, Leadmill is hands down the best club in Sheffield

No, it’s not all Arctic Monkeys and Red Stripe

Situated away from the West Street hub, The Leadmill is often forgotten in the search for Sheffield’s best night out, but it’s time to give it the credit it deserves. Here is what makes Leadmill a cut above the rest.

Themed club nights

Every ‘Gaga’ Friday club night has a theme to it, from Arctic Monkeys weekender to a collaboration with Street Food Chef (free burritos), singles night, Leeds Fest ticket giveaway – and there’s usually free face painting or even a balloon modeler. Sonic Saturdays have regular nights devoted to one or two bands, for example the Kasabian special or Tame Impala vs The Strokes, and every bank holiday there’s a Britpop VS 90s dance ‘Common People’ special.

Unlike other clubs’ promises of ‘themed’ nights, Pop Tarts we’re looking at you here, Leadmill actually stick to their themes and go all out. I mean, they literally dished out burritos.

VIP/Gold cards

Who doesn’t want freebies? VIP and Gold cards get you free entry to either every club night or literally every event Leadmill put on. Think Nando’s Black Card, but you can get one through giveaways and competitions rather than being world famous.

Anyone know which societies have a Leadmill card?

Cheeky Vimtos

£2 of pure Leadmill class, or, if we’re being specific, vodka, port and ‘blue’ something, nobody’s quite sure. If you can’t bear the thought of drinking anything other than a Corp blue pint, start here. Just be prepared for the inevitable blue/purple cheeky vomit which makes you swear never to drink one again (until next week).

No stairs

Anyone who’s ever gone head first down the doomed stairs of Corp or Code will know why I mention no stairs. The fact that Leadmill is all one floor also means it’s pretty difficult to lose your friends, unlike other clubs which seem to be a labyrinth of Hogwarts-style moving staircases and rooms you’ve never seen before.

Choose Leadmill

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The bouncers are total babes

Someone once told me that looking for a friendly bouncer is like looking for a friendly brick in the face, but not at Leadmill. Nev is now so famously loved he even has his own t-shirt in the Leadmill shop, which gets you queue jump if you wear it. You don’t get that in Corp…

Regular silent discos

If you don’t find regular clubbing embarrassing enough, silent discos are for you. Not only can everyone see you mouthing the wrong words, one Tuesday of every month they can now hear you butchering the lyrics too. Get drunk enough to not care, however, and it’s a great night out.

The photobooth

Most clubs have a photographer, but not many have a photobooth where you can get an actual, real physical copy of a photo to fill your depressingly empty pinboard. Yes it might be a bit blurry and have a worrying lack of filter, but it’s a true image of  (drunk) you and your (equally smashed) friends to be treasured.

Drunk photobooths are the best photobooths

Great bands

As a Jack of all trades, Leadmill isn’t just about club nights. Blossoms, Reverend and The Makers, Milburn and Sundara Karma are just a handful of the indie names to headline Leadmill in the past year, as well as local favourites High Hazels and The Wired. Tickets are usually under £15 and include free entry to the club night afterwards.

Drunk food opportunities

Sandwiched between a McDonald’s and a kebab shop (Top Taste), you’re never far from fulfilling your night-long desires of cheesy chips or chicken nuggets. They also sell bags of pick n mix behind the bar, have a Pringles vending machine and give out free boxes of Yorkshire tea to nurse your hangover. Legends.

Leadmill Cinematic

Leadmill’s pop-up cinema shows cult favourites like Pulp Fiction, Love Actually and 10 Things I Hate About You. Expect themed cocktails, popcorn, pizza, and the perfect date/ gals night.

The Leadmill Dog

Admittedly Millie, the Leadmill dog, can be found in the office rather than the dancefloor (for a number of very good animal welfare reasons I imagine), but still. Does Corp have a dog? No it does not.