An idiot’s guide to ROAR

If Carlsberg did nights out…

You can keep Corp Wednesdays, ROAR is undeniably the best night out in Sheffield. Every night at ROAR follows a strict ritual from pre-drinks to the post-sesh grub. Here’s exactly how it goes:


Unlike any other night out at our beloved SU, the ROAR experience does not begin when you descend the hallowed steps into the Foundry. The festivities actually begin at various locations along West street at around 8pm in the form of society socials. Experiencing this is essential for making the most of your Wednesday nights.

This enjoyment can come from either being  an active part of a team’s social or just bearing witness to the ludicrous events that occur every week in Huttons, Revs, Soyo and especially Tiger Works. Trust me when I say this way of pre-drinking is a hell of a lot more enjoyable than meandering through your 73rd game of Ring of Fire this semester.


Something strange happens when the clock strikes 11 on Wednesday nights. Almost in unison, all of the Teletubbies, gladiators, pimps (and hoes), vegetables and Donald Trumps on West street begin their pilgrimage towards the Mecca of cheesy pop ‘n’ roll that is Roar. Stopping only for some last minute Absinthe in Bar One.

It is during this time where people from all different societies finally come together and enthusiastically embrace each other in a manner that will have you thinking of the final scene in Love Actually. After much catching up about the day’s victories, losses and fresher punishments, the pilgrims of Roar begin the last leg of their journey stopping only for the compulsory picture with Rory McTaverstock (no really that is actually his name.)

He always looks pleased to see you


And now we reach the main event, culminating in (if we’re lucky) both rooms of The Foundry and it is not a sight to be missed. The fact that the majority of those in attendance have spent their Wednesdays competing in BUCS competition means that win, lose or draw they have more than enough motivation to drink ridiculous amount of alcohol. And with two VK’s costing just three quid, drink they do. This results in an atmosphere that puts even Pop Tarts to shame.

ROAR is unique in that every team has a traditional location within The Foundry which acts as their base of activity each week. This may make ROAR sound intimidating at first, but in realty this regimentation only adds to Sheffield’s greatest night out. This is because it allows you to know exactly where people are at any point on the night.

The curvaceous hockey play you’ve had your eye on in lectures since first year? Yeah she’s by the speakers on the right hand side of the stage in what is inventively known as hockey corner. The muscular god among men that always wears Rugby League stash in your seminars? He’s loitering near the back bar in the main room, and because everyone has been drinking for at least five hours, they’re dying to meet you too.

Another must for any ROAR night out is a journey into the ‘small room’ of The Foundry. Less populated than its bigger brother, the small room is a very different commodity altogether. Churning out hits such as Country Roads, Call me Al and everything in between, it is no surprise that what the room lacks in size it more than makes up for in cult following. Just be sure to duck if you’re next to Men’s Cricket when Don’t Stop Believin’ begins.


Let’s face it, by the time the music finishes and the lights come on (EVERYONE stays until the lights come on) you have already missed your Thursday 9am, so you may as well finish your ROAR experience properly. Wade through the sea of discarded blue VK bottles and make your way to Balti King for Sheffield’s most glorious curry.

So go on, get your ROAR tickets and follow this guide to guarantee an unbelievable night out for you and your mates.

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