Sheffield to rally against sexual violence towards women

There will be a Reclaim the Night march next Friday

Sheffield based women’s rights group ‘Reclaim the Night’ announced plans to march through the city against sexual harassment.

They have invited “self defining women and those with complex gender identities” to join them next Friday.

The march will be taking place on the 25th of November starting at 18:30 at Sheffield Cathedral and ending in a public rally, where males will be welcome, at everyone’s favourite politics caf, Coffee Revs.

The event promises to unite all women against threats of sexual violence

Organisers have deliberately planned the march to take place on ‘The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women’ in the hope it will ‘enhance the significance of the event’ and give visibility to victims.

The event is mainly targeted at those who have experienced discrimination or sexual harassment for being female, but anyone who wishes to reclaim their rights in a public space is invited to show their support.

The march comes at a worrying time for Sheffield students, following a string of serious sexual assaults in areas like Broomhill and Crookesmoor.

Whilst the university has rolled out a ‘Don’t Walk Home Alone’ campaign, increased advertising of the women’s safety bus and started a partnership with South Yorkshire Police to provide female students with free rape alarms, the march suggests that sexual assaults are most definitely on the rise in the city.

Organisers are hoping for a peaceful display of solidarity and strength, though the march has been met with a mixed reception.

A statement on the Facebook group stating “women are not to blame for the harassment they face at the hands of men who think they are fair game” has been considered a sexist assumption by some male students.

In any case, the march is expected to draw a large crowd with a little under 200 female students set to attend.