Clubbers of the week

Some naughty, some nice

In the build up to the Christmas break, the vodka and VKs continued to flow in Sheffield. This week, certain legendary individuals shone through the swathes of santa hats and elf costumes and showed off how photogenic alcohol makes us.

Photobombers of the week

Unfathomable face contortion is key to any good photobomb

Squad of the week

‘The more gingers in your friendship group the better’

Best bromance

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

Third wheel of the week

She knows when she’s not wanted

Spillage of the week

Tbf it does sort of go with his t-shirt

Best bad Santa

Blue VK? Naughty list

Ladies’ man of the week

Look how smug he is

Most well prepared clubber

Mistletoe, the only chirpse with a 100 per cent success rate

Reindeer of the week


Close up of the week

When you accidentally open front camera

Best crotch grab

So unsettlingly casual

Lairiest individual

Long far gone