Best dressed for Halloween

Some of you didn’t even need a mask for this one

Halloween is and will always be one of the most interesting nights of the year, dress wise. We’re infinitiely more attractive when in fancy dress, or the classic zombie contacts everyone seems to be wearing these days.

So heres a collection of some of the funniest and best halloween costumes this year, well played Sheffield.

Plug – Dismayland 

Where are the dwarves guys?

He’s his lobster

The SU – Freaks Festival

So eco-friendly

Corbyn on point

Ran out of loan already? Here’s an alternative


Are you not a bit old for this hun

Disturbing at best

It’s not The Night Kitchen ffs


Cry me a river JT



Speaks for itself really doesn’t it

This must be a mis-steak

 Cheese On Bread

The winner