Third year donates bone marrow and then goes on a mad one to Pop Tarts

The marrow has now been used to save someone’s life


Law third year Sammy Edris has saved a cancer patient’s life through a bone marrow donation this week.

The selfless 21-year-old’s donation provided the stem cells used to help treat the man with cancer.

The identity of the man was not disclosed to Sammy. He told The Tab: “Yeah I’d love to know the identity of the guy I donated to but I don’t think I ever will. It’s not a bad feeling knowing that you have saved someone’s life though.”

“You have to have a lot of blood tests first. And then every morning four days beforehand, a nurse came to my home to give me an injection and check my blood pressure.”

However once the donation began, it was a simple process.

“I was hooked up for about six hours. But it is an easy way to save someone’s life.

“There is no excuse not to do it.

“These people have no chance of survival unless you get on the register and give them a chance.”

Once the process was over Sammy still hit the dance floor at  Pop Tarts that night, belting out all the lyrics to S Club 7.

Sammy is keen to get as many people talking about it and registering as possible. He was encouraged to sign up to be a donor by his mum, who is a nurse, when there was a drive at the surgery to get more donors.

Sammy donated through Anthony Nolan. “The Anthony Nolan society at Sheffield University do loads of fundraising, and it’s a really easy way to get on the register.”

“Plus, at Sheffield medic’s rugby we have a drive every year to get everybody onto the register. It’s something that everybody should get involved with”

Patrice Ellis, another member of the medic’s rugby team, also donated stem cells through Anthony Nolan and wants to encourage people to register.

He said, “there is nothing else that requires such little effort to garner such a high level of satisfaction and can help another person so much”

To join the register you must be aged 16-30, weigh over 7st 12lbs, and be in good health. You can sign up here.