Law freshers sit bizarre Game of Thrones themed exam

It made shameless references to Harry Potter too

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Law freshers were left holding back laughter last week after questions in their exam paper were themed around Game Of Thrones.

The Law of Torts paper, which was sat last Monday at Sheffield Uni, also contained a similarly obscure Harry Potter based question.

First years were asked to advise a woman named Catelyn and her daughter Sansa on dealing with the tyrant pet farm owner “Jeoffrey”.

First year law student Heather McCartney told The Tab “I did have to stifle a giggle. No one actually laughed out loud, but people said they had to stop themselves from laughing.

“They always seem to try and add a bit of humour to it. Past papers have always been a bit like that, with references to Sheffield or current events.”

She added: “It made the exam better. Stopped people from stressing.”

Described by the exam paper as a “nuisance”, the villain had disturbed the mother-daughter pair with loud music, smelly pigs and a two-storey café which had “obscured Catelyn’s view of Mount Donsnow”.

While this scenario isn’t quite up to the standards of George R.R Martin the similarities are notable, although the lack of a hound on Jeoffrey’s pet farm is surprising.

Too much butterbeer for Harry…

In the way of advice one thing is for sure. For Catelyn and Sansa, Stark action is needed – perhaps a little pigeon pie and a glass of red to wash it down.

In the same exam in the Octagon, the freshers were also treated to a question on occupiers liability which detailed friends Harry and Ron’s trip to popular Wednesday nightclub “Pork”.

Here they were eager to get inside to pursue a “romantic interest” Ginny, and presumably crack on with the Quad Vods.