Sheffield’s first macaroni cheese restaurant is here!

Calling all cheese-lovers!

Are you really a Sheffield student if you haven’t converted to Yorkshire Tea?

It’s a Yorkshire brew or nowt

CCTV released after Carver Street assault

It was during exam time

Law freshers sit bizarre Game of Thrones themed exam

It made shameless references to Harry Potter too

Sports Scholarships for Sheffield’s Stars

Sheffield’s best and brightest athletes have been handed scholarships by the uni

Sheffield Student Gets Heated to Cut Bills

A Shef Uni student has started a campaign for a student heating subsidy

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

If you do, you could have done worse than Sheffield…

Anti-arms protest ends in tears (with video)

Student protesters complain of minor injuries after refusing to leave a Careers Fair this morning.

Where’s best to live: Broomhill

You probably walked through it in first year. Ed Pearce tells you why it’s worth sticking in Broomhill.

Hockeygate: Sheffield and Durham Compete for “Most Childish Club” Award

Last week’s 4-0 victory for Durham “2nd XI” over Sheffield’s 1st team has become a little too much for both teams.

Students to Co-operate on Housing

Sick of lazy landlords and ridiculous rents? One group of Sheffield students is campaigning to take housing into their own hands.

Where’s best to live: Broomhall

Broomhall is so close to everything. You can leave for a lecture with 5 minutes to spare and still get there on time. Provided you don’t get mugged on the way.


A portrait of Malcolm X in Coffee Revolution has caused a stir for some students.

Uni Threatened By Lecturer Strikes

Strike action could be coming to a lecture theatre near you

F-Inox Dining

Sheffield has a new home of fine dining. It’s on Level 5…

Sex and the Steel City

Have sex. Be happy. Sheffield is nailing it.

Sheffield Student Hurt in Hit and Run – Police Appeal for Witnesses

A Sheffield student was injured in a suspected hit-and-run on Tuesday morning.

Sheffield The Worst City to be a Young Person

Sheffield is the worst place in the country to be a young person, according to a new (stupid) study.

BREAKING: Major Incident in Broomhill

Police close Fulwood Road in Broomhill after late-night incident.

Student arrested over chalk protest

Fifteen officers needed to arrest one activist after she wrote a protest slogan on a memorial plaque.