There’s going to be a puppy playroom in the SU

Your prayers have been answered

Stressed undergrads will get to take out their revision woes on some delicious puppies.

University of Sheffield Guide Dogs are hosting a Puppy and Dog Play Room to help relieve students of stress over end-of-term deadlines and exams.

You’ll soon be able to take a break from revision and essay writing and play with some adorable pups instead.

The event will take place 11am – 4pm on the 20th of May in the Gallery Terrace of the SU and will cost £2 for a 10-minute slot, with all the money going to the Guide Dogs charity.

Tillie Gilbert, from Sheffield Uni Guide Dogs student support group, said: “Visitors to the event will also be able to talk to Guide Dog trainers and owners and find our first-hand what the charity does and how it helps those with visual impairments.

“We hope that meeting the dogs will raise awareness for this amazing charity and inspire more people to volunteer.”

Jack Mitchell, Law and French second year said: “Finally getting my 9k a year’s worth.”

Lidia Trifonva, Journalism fresher, added: “Well there goes my student loan, gotta pet them all”.

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