Uni unveils virtual tour video of The Diamond

It looks like a cross between Jessop West and the white room at Corp

The video offers the first glimpse of the much anticipated engineering building ‘The Diamond’, and it’s as blingy as you’d expect. 

Earlier in the week the Uni released a new promotion video or ‘fly-through’ for the Diamond, its latest multi-million pound investment in campus.

Set to the sound of a futuristic keyboard tune presumably composed by the architect’s son in year seven music, the video reveals lots of new visual info about the building.

A bird’s eye view of the building reveals the name ‘Diamond’ to be a complete misnomer – it is much more like a kind of weird metallic Tetris piece.


The video promises a delightful reception, book and laptop loans and more importantly a Café right inside the entrance. So far, so IC.

It progresses onto a similarly charming ‘moonscape’, a circlular window in the ceiling that bares a striking resemblance to the notoriously strange architectural masterpiece Jessop West.

The £81 million project will also offer a ‘Study Balcony’, which will serve as a charming addition to those twilight revision sessions.


The new building will offer something for everyone, with lecture halls, seminar rooms and independent study spaces, and will open in September 2015.

Want to see more? The Uni also have an online webcam live streaming the building progress.

Yes, really.