‘Vile’ controversial feminist banned from speaking at SU

Union council condemns banned speaker as ‘anti-LGBT’

Top dogs at the Union have banned a radical feminist from speaking at the SU, just days before she was due to appear.

Controversial writer Julie Bindel was banned from the Union after a vote by the SU council, who deemed her invitation to speak as “a breach of the SU’s LGBT policy.”

Sheffield SU’s LGBT policy states that Union events can only go ahead if they are ‘LGBT Friendly’.

Bindel was originally invited to speak at the SU by a student group after the release of her first book, “Straight Expectations”, in June of this year.

The union council's decision was also supported by the Women's Committee

The union council’s decision was also supported by the Women’s Committee

Highly controversial, the book accuses the LGBT community in Britain of being “a cowardly mass of apologetic sops” and being like “an elderly claret-soaked Tory making his way to the bedpan”.

The council’s vote meant that Bindel was banned just days before the event was scheduled to happen.

The action was supported by the SU’s Women’s Committee, who said: “We are wholeheartedly behind the Union’s decision to disinvite Julie Bindel from an appearance at Sheffield Students’ Union.

“Bindel’s highly offensive and unacceptable statements concerning trans men and women, bisexual women and Muslim women go against what we believe in as a committee.”

Bindel Banned NUS

Not so subtle

The NUS’ entire LGBT policy also used to completely ban Bindel from appearing at any Union event, also branding her as “vile”.

There has however, been some opposition to the decision, with the website “Sp!ked” accusing the SU of babying students with its “petty, censorious policies”.

The political organisation RadFem also criticised the decision, claiming: “This is part of a wider campaign to try and silence radical feminists” orchestrated by “hate-filled trans activists and allies.”