Shef’s Five Worst Election Videos Ever

Lack of shame = abundance of comedy


Student Union elections should hopefully by now be a distant memory and for the next 10 months we can walk to our lectures in relative peace.

However, every year the elections leave behind a residue; partly from the tears of the vanquished, but also a giant digital graveyard of Facebook pages and YouTube campaign videos. The savvy and the embarrassed delete these, but many are left behind and now the Tab is going to take you on a little gravedigging to unearth the five worst campaign videos from Sheffield Students’ Union election history that are still online.


5 Max Brophy education

Here’s a good rule of thumb; if you want to get elected, don’t make yourself look like a terrorist. For the entire 1 minute and 1 second of this video I was waiting for the moment that the camera would pan out and we’d see a shaking Sergeant Brody hunched up in the corner, the speaker demands the fall of western civilization, someone draws out a scimitar and the video fades to black.



4 Like Mike for Welfare

Shamelessness is a river that runs through many sabbatical campaigns before it truncates in to desperation and emotional instability. On one level, it’s quite funny that you can crowbar in lyrics about yourself and the Students’ Union in to the melody of what at the time was a reasonably popular song. On the other level, everything about it is awful.



3 Ross Keating for Finance

It is entirely plausible that he’s completely paralysed with the exception of his right arm. Consider this video a much less interesting version of the Bone Collector. Hang in there, the end is just odd…


2 ‘Papa Smurf’ for sport


Sometimes they say style over substance. Sometimes you have neither.




1 Olly Clay for President


In a two horse race, a video can either make it or break it for you. Good thing that they really put in the eff… fuck it. Just watch the video.



If you’ve got any more god awful election videos, share the laughter and post them below.